Hotel le Rialto** 5, rue de la Baute 81990 LE SEQUESTRE - ALBI

The Hotel le Rialto** at Albi

Visite of the episcopale city of ’Albi from the hotel le Rialto

Located 5 min drive from the Cathedral, the Logis is ideal for visiting Albi, the Episcopal city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old city constructed in a unique set of terracotta brick buildings. You will discover the Berbie Palace, former episcopal palace which now houses the museum of Toulouse-Lautrec and the Sainte-Cécile cathedral which dominates the city with its 78 m bell tower, or even the Saint-Salvi collegiate and its magnificent cloister.

The historic centre of Albi

Discover Albi the red strolling from one street to another and from neighborhood to neighborhood, timbered houses and mansions succeed one another to the delight of tourists. You'll enjoy losing yourself in the Castelviel or in the narrow streets of Castelnau before discovering the banks of the Tarn. Our Rialto Hotel welcomes groups and coach.